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prostep ivip Symposium: Programm

Advanced Systems Engineering – Connected and Autonomous

Noch mehr Auswahl, noch mehr Inhalte, noch mehr Austausch!

4 parallele Vortragstracks plus Workshops an 2 Tagen. Hier erfahren Sie alles über unser Programm.

Jetzt informieren und am besten gleich anmelden!


Das Vorabendevent muss aufgrund der Terminverschiebung in den September leider abgesagt werden. Wir hoffen auf Ihr Verständnis.

2. September 2020: Konferenztag 1 - mit Vorbehalt -

09:00 Registrierung
10:00 Begrüßung
10:15 Keynote
Dassault Systèmes
10:55 Keynote
11:35 Keynote
12:15 Mittagspause
  Vortragssaal 1 Vortragssaal 2 Vortragssaal 3 Vortragssaal 4 Vortragssaal 5
  Track 1

Novel Digital Transformation Approaches
Track 2

Standards-based Digital Thread
(prostep ivip Activities)
Track 3

Advanced Systems Engineering
Track 4

Digital Twin & MBSE
13:45 Industry Initiative etami: Ethical and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Patrick van der Smagt, Director of AI Research, Volkswagen Group
Integrated Model Based Verification (MBV) Across Multiple Development Environments

Don Farr, The Boeing Company
Kenneth Swope, The Boeing Company
Transforming the Organization – The Microsoft PLM Journey

Erika Klein, Microsoft
Boris Cononetz Jr, Microsoft
Michael Rudy, Aras Corporation
Dynamic Value Stream Analyis - from static Snapshot to real-time Ecosystem

Dr.-Ing. Gunter Beitinger, Siemens AG
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jochen Deuse, IPS, TU Dortmund
Requirements Quality Assistant (RQA) - AI assisted Requirements Management with IBM Watson

Dominik Jergus, IBM
Hubert Spiess, IBM
Ingo Unruh, IBM
14:25 How Digital Twins help logistics to to reach the next performance level

Bernd Schwenger, LGI Logistics Group International GmbH, Raimund Menges, ASCon Systems GmbH
FDX - a new data format for functional data exchange

Dirk Ruschmeier, Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG
Systems-driven user interfaces for connected products and their experiences ecosystem

Tom Acland, Dassault Systèmes
Kai Korthals, CLAAS
Industrial Use Case for benchmarking MBSE in custom aircraft cabin development

Martin Janzen, Lufthansa Technik AG
Marvin Schmidt, Fraunhofer IPK
Thomas Zimmermann, Fraunhofer IPK
15:05 Realizing Traceability for Safety and Certainty

Hans-Martin Heinkel, Robert BOSCH GmbH
Dr. Steven Vettermann, PROSTEP AG
Model-based Traceability in Quality Control Processes: a Mars Rover example

Kai Henri Glaesner, Mercedes-Benz AG
Felix Klier, PROSTEP AG
MBSE and System Integration for the Development of Mobility Solutions based on Rolling Chassis

Ulrich Schulmeister, Robert BOSCH GmbH
Dr. Sven Kleiner, :em engineering methods AG
Industrial AR Clouds on Open Standards

Johannes Behr, Fraunhofer IGD
Jens Resch, Daimler AG
15:45 Kaffeepause
  Track 5

Novel Digital Transformation Approaches
Track 6

Standards-based Digital Thread
(prostep ivip Activities)
Track 7

Track 8

Digital Twin & MBSE
16:15 Transforming a historically grown project structure to Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

Jens Resch, Daimler AG
Frank Brandstetter, PROSTEP AG
10 years JT Workflow Forum - JT in MultiCAD today and in MBSE Environments in future

Rudolph Dotzauer, Continental AG
Rolf Bosse, Mercedes-Benz AG
Dr. Sven Kleiner, :em engineering methods AG
Model Exchange Guideline proposed by METI model WG (Japanese Ministory of Economy, Trade and Industry)

Kazuo Takeuchi, Toyota Motor Corporation Tomohiko Adachi, MAZDA Motor Corporation
The Application of Digital Twins: What is the Current State of Industry?

David Salamon, msg systems AG
Markus Samarajiwa, msg systems AG
Theresa Riedelsheimer, Fraunhofer IPK
Digitale Zwillinge – Business Modelle und Etablierung neuer digitaler Wertschöpfung

Fraunhofer IPK/Technische Universität Berlin,
TUB: Prof. Stark & Team, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, RUB: Prof. Gerhard & Team
16:55 MBSE for the development of automated and autonomous driving

Michael Derr, Daimler AG
Dr. Michael Keckeisen, TWT GmbH Science & Innovation
Industrialized best practices for model-based OEM supplier collaboration using SysML

Harald Katzenstein, Daimler AG
AI in PLM: Application cases for the processing of natural language

Lucas Kirsch, CONTACT Software GmbH
Jörg Brünnhäußer, Fraunhofer IPK
Pascal Lünnemann, Fraunhofer IPK
Digital Production Twin for seamless data flow

Dr. Nils Macke, ZF Friedrichshafen AG
Thorsten Reckelkamm, IPS, TU Dortmund
17:35 Kaffeepause
17:45 Keynote
18:25 Get Together - Abendveranstaltung
00:00 Ende der Abendveranstaltung

3. September 2020: Konferenztag 2 - mit Vorbehalt -

08:00 Registrierung
  Vortragssaal 1 Vortragssaal 2 Vortragssaal 3 Vortragssaal 4 Vortragssaal 5
  Track 9

Novel Digital Transformation Approaches
Track 10

Standards-based Digital Thread
(prostep ivip Activities)
Track 11

Novel PLM Approaches
Track 12

Scientific Track
08:30 User centric Integration of a Digital Twin in the Product-Lifecycle

Moritz Dyroff, Kion-Group - Linde Material Handling GmbH
Andreas Linneweber, UNITY AG
Artificial Intelligence and Digital Twin answer in operator assist systems

Dr. Thomas Baudisch, Siemens AG
Armin Klaus, Siemens Industry Software GmbH
Start Your Impossible - challenge for digitalization of powertrain development process

Junichi Matsudaira, Toyota Motor Corporation
Winner of the Scientific Award KI-Marktplatz

Rachel Bauer, prostep ivip e.V.
09:10 RnD-China.NEXT - International distributed vehicle simulation across company boundaries

René Te-Strote, BMW Group
Challenges and Potentials for the Digital Thread in Additive Manufacturing

Kai Henri Glaesner, Mercedes-Benz AG
Stefan Just, PROSTEP AG
Holistic PLM in the age of Systems Engineering and Digital Transformation at BOSCH

Olaf Kramer, Robert BOSCH GmbH
Dr. Marcus Krastel, :em engineering methods AG
Model-based Systems Engineering for tool and mould making
Claas Blume, Clous GmbH

Ulrich Flötzinger, Meissner AG
09:50 Innovation of Nissan OEM Collaboration by use of standards

Masaya Ozawa, Nissan Motor Corporation, Ltd. Anna Wasmer, PDTec AG
ReqIF Recommendation 2.0 - New Use Cases for Workflow-driven Requirements Document Exchange

Dr. Klaus Hohenauer, Robert BOSCH GmbH
Kim Steinkirchner, PROSTEP AG
Assistance systems for production - How PLM data can significantly improve productivity

Markus Franke, SCHAEFFLER AG
Markus Knobel, UNITY AG
Hybridization of data-driven and physics-based models for digital twins

Andreas Werner, Universität Stuttgart
Frauke Adam, Universität Stuttgart
Joachim Lentes, Fraunhofer IAO
10:30 Kaffeepause
  Track 13

Agile Collaboration in Aerospace & Shipbuilding
Track 14

Standards-based Digital Thread
(prostep ivip Activities)
Track 15

Novel PLM Approaches
Track 16

Scientific Track
11:00 Collaboration in Aerospace Industry

Bernd Feldvoss, AIRBUS
Digital Transformation of Project Schedule Management (PSM) in Collaboration Networks (PM MarsRover)

Kirsten Hentschel, DRÄXLMAIER Group
Andreas Trautheim-Hofmann, PROSTEP AG
Distributed Co-simulation Platform and Application for Automotive System Design

Dai Araki, Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation
Hirotaka Kitahara, Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation
Supporting Validation of Highly networked, safety-critical Systems by operational Architectures

Oliver Bleisinger, Fraunhofer IESE
Mario Schmitt, blackned GmbH
Open Standards and Validation - Leveraging Model Based Excellence

Dr. Alexander Christ, Elysium GmbH
Johannes Biedert, Mercedes-Benz AG
Ralf Luithardt, SSC-Services GmbH
11:40 Full Steam Ahead: Integrating Hundreds of Systems with Millions of Parts

Atte Peltola, Meyer Turku
Dr. Carsten Zerbst, PROSTEP AG
Digital Data Package (DDP) - Realizing the minimal digital thread in product development

Momme Stürken, SCHAEFFLER AG
Torsten Schmied, PROSTEP AG
How Vaillant Group successfully implements a stringent and iterative MBSE Approach

Dr. René Andrae, Vaillant GmbH
Andreas Korff, Parametric Technology GmbH
Reverse engineering approach for the development of system architecture models

Prof. Dr. Arun Nagarajah, Robin Pluhnau, Steffen Kunnen Universität Duisburg-Essen, Institut für Produkt Engineering
12:20 Mittagspause
  Track 17

Requirements & Systems Engineering
Track 18

Standards-based Digital Thread
Track 19

Digital Twin & Openness
Track 20

Scientific Track
13:50 Requirements Engineering - the basis for model-based development

Michael Thalmann, Schindler Elevator AG
Dirk Meier, :em engineering methods AG
Use of STEP AP242 for configured Model Based Definition exchange - enhancements of AP242 ed2

Jean-Yves Delaunay, Airbus Operations GmbH
Rise of the Digital Twin: how the Digital Twin becomes real

Uwe Uttendorfer, Daimler AG
Oliver Hornberg, UNITY AG
Supporting Automotive Innovations in Future Value Networks by a MBSE driven Roadmapping Approach

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens C. Göbel, VPE, TU Kaiserslautern
Sven Forte, TU Kaiserslautern
14:30 Graph-based Agile Systems Engineering for Effective Future Vehicle Development

Bernd Fachbach, Virtual Vehicle Research Center
Validation of CAD data made easy! With DevOps towards "Central CAD Data Validation Service"

Johannes Biedert, Mercedes-Benz AG
Ralf Luithardt, SSC-Services GmbH
Harnessing the Power of Open Standards to Deploy a Connected and Collaborative Digital Enterprise

Chris Senesac, The Boeing Company
Stephen Collins, Anark Corporation
Industrial Data Science - Technical, organizational and human challenges

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens C. Göbel, VPE, TU Kaiserslautern
Dr.-Ing. Julian Schallow, IPS, TU Dortmund
Andreas Eiden, VPE, TU Kaiserslautern
15:10 Kaffeepause
15:20 Keynote
16:00 Abschluss der Veranstaltung


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